43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021 PDF Download Rajshahi All-Division

43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021: The Seat Plan (Preliminary) of the 43rd BCS Examination has been published by the Public Service Commission (PSC). The prelim examination of the 43rd BCS will be held on October 29, 2021, from 10 am to 12 pm.

The test will be taken simultaneously at 16 centers in Dhaka. During the examination, an executive magistrate will be on duty in each of the 16 centers to maintain law and order inside and outside the center.

43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021 is available on BPSC’s official website http://www.bpsc.gov.bd. We also updated the 43rd BCS Preliminary/ MCQ Test Seat Plan here. So you can also check the 43rd BCS Preliminary/ MCQ Test Seat Plan from here.

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021 has been published by BPSC. 43 BCS is important news for job seekers in Bangladesh. All information on 43 BCS Preli Exam Seat Plan 2021 is available below. 

43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021

BCS Preliminary Exam Preli Exam Date Vacant Posts Applicants
 43rd BCS Preli Exam 29 October 2021 1,814 4,24,400
 41st BCS Preli Exam 19 March 2021 2,166 4,75,000
 42nd BCS Preli Exam 26 February 2021 2,000 32,000

Category wise No. of Empty Posts:

CategoriesNo. of Posts
General Cadre:
>Administration Cadre           250
>Assistant Police Super Cadres       120
>Foreign Ministry Cadre     20
>Ansar Cadre     19
>Tax Cadre       43
Professional /Technical Cadre740
BCS General Education Cadre871
General Education Cadre (Government Teachers Training College)23
Vocational Cadre04

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43rd BCS Seat Plan PDF Download

BCS Seat Plan 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Dhaka

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

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43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Chattogram

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Khulna

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Barisal

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Sylhet

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan Rangpur

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021

43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021 Mymensingh

43 BCS Preliminary Exam Date 2021
43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021

What to do for the Candidates Participating in the 43rd BCS

  • 8.30-9.25 am: Candidates will enter their respective examination rooms and take specific seats in case of the scheduled examination. At the time of admission in the examination hall, the examinees must follow the hygiene rules and maintain a certain physical distance. In particular, no candidate can enter the exam without a mask.
  • 9.30-9.55 am: Answer sheets will be distributed among the candidates. There will be 4 sets of answer sheets, such as set-1, 2, 3, and 4. Candidates will write their district and registration number in the answer sheet and fill in the relevant circles of the registration number with ballpoint pen in ink. Candidates will sign the attendance list. At this time the admission card should be kept open on the table. The picture and signature of the attendance list will be matched with the picture and signature of the admission card. If any discrepancy is found, appropriate action will be taken including expulsion.
  • 10.00 am: Question papers will be distributed among the examinees. There will be 4 sets of similar question papers for the answer sheet, such as sets-1, 2, 3 and 4. The question paper of the set number will be given to the candidate who gets the answer sheet of the set number. The set number of the answer sheet and the set number of the question paper should be one and the same. Once the matter is confirmed, the examinees will start answering.
  • 12.00 am: The test will end. Candidates will sit in their respective seats according to the 43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021. The inspectors will collect the answer sheets. After the inspectors collect the answer sheets and understand, the examinees will follow the hygiene rules and gradually leave the examination room keeping a certain physical distance. Question papers will be taken by the examinees.

চলমান নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি গুলোঃ

43 BCS Admit Card Download

43rd BCS admit card has been published on bpsc.teletalk.com.bd. To download the admit card, as before, first, we have to enter bpsc.teletalk.com.bd in this link.


  • After entering the link, click the “43 BCS Examination” option under the heading “Admit Card / Applicant’s Copy” from the bottom of the page.
  • After clicking the “43st BCS Examination” option, we will see a webpage like below.

Urgent Instructions Regarding 43rd BCS Exam Hall

  • Candidates have registration number 8 (eight) digits. The digits (numbers) of the registration number should be written in the applicable cell of the answer sheet with the ink ball point pen and the following applicable circle should be filled.
  • The set number and the corresponding circle below for set number will be printed at the designated place of set number in each answer sheet. Therefore, it will not be necessary for the examinees to write the set number in the answer sheet and fill in the set number circle. After receiving the question paper at 10.00 am, the examinee will check whether the set number of his question paper and the set number of the answer sheet are identical. If the set number of question paper and answer sheet is not identical, the inspector should be informed immediately.
  • The instructions printed below the entry form should be read and followed very carefully.
  • After the distribution of question papers [10.00 am], no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall. After giving the question paper till the end of the examination 12.00 noon] No examinee can leave the examination room.
  • In the examination room, the inspectors will check the picture of the admission card of the examinee, registration number and national identity card (if required). The inspector will accept the signature of the examinee in the attendance list and the inspector will sign in the place specified for the attendance list after making sure that the registration number and name mentioned in the admission form is correctly written by the examinee and the picture of the examinee’s admission card and attendance list is identical. If any irregularity is found in the picture, signature, admission card and name of the answer sheet and registration number of any examinee, legal action will be taken against him including cancellation of the candidature of that examinee.
  • In order to prevent any mishap in the examination, the candidates are instructed to follow the following points seriously:
  • Bringing books, all kinds of watches, mobile phones, calculators, all kinds of electronic devices, any device like bank card / credit card, jewelery and bags to the examination center is strictly prohibited. No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall with the prohibited material described.
  • With the help of entrance tickets and metal detectors in the presence of the Executive Magistrate-Police at the gate of the examination hall. Candidates will have to enter the examination hall through search of prohibited items including mobile phones, watches, electronic devices.
  • SMS will be sent to the mobile phone of all the examinees for not bringing the prohibited material mentioned on the day of examination. SMS Follow the message instructions.
  • Candidates should not cover their ears during the test. If it is necessary to use any kind of hearing aid in the ear, the approval of the commission should be carried along with the advice of the specialist doctor.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of Bangladesh Civil Service (Age, Eligibility and Direct Appointment) Rules, 2014 if any candidate falsifies the examination or enters with mobile phone or any kind of electronic device and adopts any misconduct through that technology or is found guilty of any misconduct. B.C.S. Peaceful action will be taken against the concerned candidates in accordance with the conditions of paragraph 43 (2) (6) (6) of the notification of examination-2019 and the disciplinary action of the commission for criminal conduct in the examination-2000. Moreover, he will not be allowed to take part in any future examination conducted by the Commission and he will not be able to apply for any other post advertised by the Commission. If necessary, the case will be filed and the candidate will be handed over to the law enforcement agency.
  • No application of candidates to change the center will be considered.
  • The information provided by the examinee in the online application form [BPC Form-1] and the 41st B.C.S. An admission letter has been given to the examinee on the basis of the promise given in accordance with paragraph 7 of the notification of examination-2019. Failure to meet the conditions of paragraph 7 of the notification and if any serious [substantive] error is found in the application form of any candidate as per the conditions of paragraph 20 of the notification, the candidature of the successful candidate will be canceled at any stage before or after the examination.
  • 41st B.C.S. There will be 2 parts in the OMR answer sheet of the Preliminary Test [MCQ Type] of Exam-2019. The first part will have the name of the examinee, registration number, set number and place of signature. The second part will have circles in the order of 1-200 for giving 200 (two hundred) answers.
  • Candidates are especially warned that if they do not write the registration number correctly in the answer sheet and do not fill in the circle properly, if they make any cuts, if they put fluid in the answer sheet, if they give any symbol, the 41st B.C.S. As per the terms of paragraph 25.4 of the notification of examination-2019, 41st B.C.S. Candidature for the exam will be canceled.
  • There will be 200 (two hundred) MCQ Type questions in this exam. The examinee will get 01 (one) number for each correct answer but if he gives wrong answer, the number obtained for each wrong answer will be deducted as 0.50 [zero point five zero]. Full time for the test is 2 (two) hours.
  • Among the disabled candidates who need dictation, they have to appear in the examination with auditorium approved by Bangladesh Public Service Commission. It will not be acceptable for a person outside the prescribed educational qualifications to be brought in as a dictator without the approval of the Commission.
  • No candidate can participate in the examination without admission. If an examinee’s Admit card is lost / stolen or damaged and if the User ID / Password is forgotten, then click on the Admit Card Menu of the corresponding Home page of the Commission’s Website to see the User Recovery and Password Recovery options. By clicking on that option and submitting with the required information, the required and desired information can be found and the Admit Card can be downloaded and printed.
43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021

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41 BCS Marks Distributions

Total of 200 marks will be in the 43rd BCS exam. Subject name & marks distributions are given below:-

BCS Preliminary MCQ (Special Exam) Marks Distribution are like below.

S. No.Ten Subjects Names for BCS Preli ExamsMarks Distribution for Each Sub.
1.Medical Science/Dental Science100
2.Bangle Language & Literature20
3.English Language & Literature20
4.About Bangladesh20
5.International Topics20
8.Mental Ability10
8.Mathematical   Logic10
 Total Marks =200
No.Subjects NameMarks Distribution
1.Bangle Language & Literature35
2.English Language & Literature35
3.International Affair20
4.About Bangladesh30
5.General Science15
6.Conceptual skills15
7.Mathematical Logic15
8.Computer & Information Technology15
9.Ethics, Values and Good Governance10
10.Environment and Disaster Management & Geography (Bangladesh & World),10

We provide different types of job information with also provide some effective information or resource and job tips which helps to get job easily. We trust that our distributing data helps the activity searchers who are finding a superior employment. We likewise share the 43rd BCS Seat Plan 2021 for the candidates.

43rd BCS Syllabus Download

200 marks are allotted in BCS Preliminary Examination. You have to answer 200 multiple-choice questions. The integer of each question is 1 number. Bangla Language and Literature 35, English Language and Literature 35, Bangladesh 30, International 20, Geography (Bangladesh and World), Environment and Disaster Management 10, General Science 15, Computer and Information Technology 15, Mathematical Reasoning 15, Mental Skills 15, Ethics, Values ​​, and Good Governance.

43rd BCS Syllabus Download
43rd BCS Syllabus Download
43rd BCS Syllabus Download
43rd BCS Syllabus Download
  • International Affairs: Global history, regional and international system, geopolitics for number 20 in the international part; International security and international power relations; Recent and ongoing events in the world; International environmental issues and diplomacy; There will be questions from international organizations and global economic institutions.
  • Geography (Bangladesh and World), Environment and Disaster Management: Bangladesh and region-wise geographical location, borders, environmental, socio-economic and geopolitical importance; Regional physical environment (geo-natural), distribution and importance of resources; Bangladesh’s environment and nature and resources, major challenges; Bangladesh and Global Climate Change: Sector-wise (regional, global and global impacts of climate and climate regulators) (such as migration, agriculture, industry, fisheries, etc.); Natural Disasters and Management: Questions will be asked about the type, nature and management of disasters.
  • General Science: Question number 5 will come from every part of physics, biology and modern science. General science questions will be asked from the general understanding gained in the light of the experience of science used in daily life. In this case, even if the candidate has specially studied science, it will work. The questions will be set in such a way that modern important scientific discoveries and contributions of famous scientists at home and abroad are related.
  • In physics, questions will be about the state of matter, the structure of atoms, the multifaceted use of carbon, acids, alkalis, salts, the decay of matter, the function of soap, the amount of matter and its measurements, the development of physics, magnetism, waves and sound, heat and thermodynamics, nature of light, Stable and moving electricity, electronics, modern physics, energy sources and their applications, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, mineral sources, energy conversion, lighting equipment, elementary particles, metallic substances and their compounds, non-metallic substances, oxidation, electrical cells , From inorganic compounds, organic compounds, electromagnets, transformers, X-rays, radioactivity, etc.
  • Biology – Tissues, Genetics, Biodiversity, Animal Diversity, Plant Diversity, Animal Tissues, Organ and Organ Systems, Light Synthesis, Viruses, Bacteria, Zoological Nomenclature, Botanical, There will be questions on blood and blood circulation, blood pressure, heart and heart disease, nerve and neurology, food and nutrition, vitamins, microbiology, plant nutrition, pollination, etc.
  • Modern science includes the history of the creation of the earth, cosmic rays, black holes, Higgs particles, atmospheres, tides, atmospheres, tectonic plates, cyclones, tsunamis, evolution, marine life, human body, causes and cures of diseases, infectious diseases, pathogens, mothers and children. Questions will be asked from Health, Ebony and Vaccination, HIV, AIDS, TB, Polio, Tidal, Apiculture, Sericulture, Pisciculture, Horticulture, Diodes, Transistors, ICs, Relative Theory, Photon Particles etc.
  • Computer and Information Technology: There will be a total of 15 questions including 10 numbers from computer and 5 numbers from information technology. Computer peripherals in computer parts: keyboard, mouse, OCR; Computer components: CPU, hard disk, ALU; Computer skills; Computers in daily life: agriculture, communication, education, health, sports; Computer number system; Operating systems; Embedded computer Computer history Types of computers; Computer programs: Queries from viruses, firewalls and database systems.
  • E-commerce in information technology; Cellular data networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, WiMAX; Computer networks: LAN, MAN, Wi-Fi, WiMAX; Information technology in everyday life; Smartphone; World Wide Web; Internet Essential computing technologies: e-mail, fax; Client-server management; Features of mobile technology; Large IT companies and their services / information: Google, Microsoft, IBM; Cloud computing Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; Robotics; There will be questions about cyber crime.
  • Mathematical reasoning: Real Numbers, L.S.G., G.S.G.U., Percentage, Simple and Compound Profit, Ratio and Proportion, Profit and Loss, Algebraic Formulas, Polynomial Product, Simple and Binomial Equations, Simple and Binomial Inequality, Simple Symmetry; There will be questions from indicators and logarithms, parallel and multiplicative sequences and series, lines, angles, triangles and quadrilateral theorems, Pythagoras theorem, circle theorem, parameters – simple fields and solids, sets, formats and assemblies, statistics and probabilities.
  • Mental Skills: In the mental skills section, questions will be asked from linguistic logic judgment, problem solving, spelling and language, mechanical skills, coordinate relations, numerical ability.
  • Ethics, Values ​​and Good Governance: In the section on ethics, values ​​and good governance, their interpretation, interrelationships, education of values ​​in national development and the impact of good governance should be read.

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