Food Adulteration Paragraph for SSC HSC & JSC Exam

Hi, Today we share the short paragraph on Food Adulteration in BD for SSC HSC & JSC Exam. You know Food has become an important part of our life. It is called human fuel. Human consumption is the most sensitive aspect of the body. Food is adulterated when it is mixed with harmful chemicals and practicals of other things than food. Here we provide a Food Adulteration Paragraph for SSC HSC & JSC Exam. You can write this paragraph for the following headings:

  1. How is food adulteration?
  2. Why is food adulterated?
  3. Where is food adulterated?
  4. Who is responsible for that?
  5. What steps have been taken by the govt? to prevent food adulteration?
Food Adulteration Paragraph

Food Adulteration Paragraph for SSC & JSC Exam

A substance added to a food item to reduce its quality in order to increase its quantity or to look appealing is called an adulterant. This act of addition of an adulterant in food items is known as food adulteration. The major reason for the addition of these adulterants is for increasing the profit margin at the cost of the health of the general public or consumer. It is an awful offense by the greedy businessmen.

Even, mixed with fresh food served the customers. Fishes and vegetables are adulterated putting on them Chemicals other preservatives in order to make them look fresh. fact, kinds tend food articles are adulterated dishonest and greedy businessmen for a quick unearned profit. Adulterants reduce the quality of food and weaken the health of the who consume them. Regular intake of adulterated food can lead to many health problems. Different reports show that adulterated foods are causing serious diseases including diarrhea, dysentery, diabetes, cancer, attack, brain stroke, etc the year.

government mobile courts and punish dishonest people. Although such steps have been taken to remove food adulteration, these are not sufficient at all. In fact, it is not possible for the government to solve the food adulteration problem all alone. Public awareness should be created so people can become careful about buying foods and food articles. We should raise our voice against food adulteration and prevent it so that the present and future generations remain safe and sound.

Food Adulteration Paragraph for HSC Exam

Food is adulterated when it is mixed with harmful chemicals and particles of other things than food. Sometimes super quality foods are mixed with inferior quality foods and they become adulterated. Sometimes rice, our main food, is adulterated with crushed particles of stones or pebbles which look exactly like fine rice. But these particles of pebbles are never digested and they may be stored in the stomachs or kidneys of the human body.

They may cause severe pain in our stomachs and kidneys even they lead to cancer. But we forget that food is essential for every living being. It provides us with energy and strength. We cannot survive on the earth without pure food. We will suffer from various diseases if we take adulterated food.

There are many causes for food adulteration in Bangladesh. Our industrialists and businessmen are mostly dishonest and they want to be very rich overnight. So they adulterate food.

The adulteration of food creates an adverse effect on public health because the impact of food adulteration is very dangerous and dreadful. It creates health hazards to the public and poses a direct threat to the people. When people take adulterated food, they become helpless victims of various diseases like diarrhea, dysentery. typhoid, ulcer, blood pressure, and even cancer.

The manufacturing companies of drinks mix up such harmful substances or chemicals that are poisonous in nature and cause serious harm to our health. Sometimes, we see that many people die all of a sudden because of food poisoning. But it is obvious that this sort of food poisoning is caused for food adulteration. In our hotels and restaurants, food adulteration is very common. Rotten foods are mixed with fresh foods which frequently cause hazards for

Under these circumstances, our government should resist the attempts of adultering food at any cost. They should come forward and take positive steps with utmost rigidity and strictness to make sure that adulterated food should not be sold in the market.

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