Water Pollution Paragraph For Class 6 – 12

Here Is a short Paragraph On Water Pollution Paragraph For Classes 9 – 12. You know Water has become an important part of our life. The paragraphs describe the problem of Water Pollution. So the paragraph on Water Pollution is very important for All Classes students. You can write this paragraph for the following headings:

(i) What is water pollution?

(ii) How do people pollute water?

(iii) How do mills and factories pollute it?

(iv) What would be the result of it?

(v) What should we do to prevent water pollution?

Water Pollution Paragraph

Water Pollution Paragraph For Class 6 – 10 / SSC Exam

Water is an important element of our environment. It is called life. When it turns undrinkable and harmful to our existence, we call it water pollution. In fact, water is polluted by people in many ways.

Firstly, farmers often use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in the cornfields. They mix with rain and flood water and pollute it. Secondly, mills and factories throw their wastes into rivers and canals and pollute them.

Thirdly, ignorant people pollute water by throwing human wastes and filths from drains and insanitary latrines. By drinking polluted water, we become sick, suffer from fatal diseases, and sometimes die. Therefore, we should prevent water from pollution for our own sake. By making people conscious and taking necessary measures, water pollution can be reduced to its optimum level.

Water Pollution Paragraph For Class 12 / HSC Exam

(a) How do men pollute water?

(b) How do farmers pollute water?

(c) How do mills and factories pollute water?

(d) What are other sources of water pollution?

(e) How can we minimize water pollution?

Paragraph Water Pollution

Water, a vital element of our environment is being polluted in different ways. Man pollutes water by throwing waste into it. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. When and floods wash away some of these chemicals, they get mixed with water in rivers, ponds pollute water. Mills and factories also throw their poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals and thus pollute water.

Water vehicles also pollute rivers by dumping oil, food waste, and human waste into them. Unsanitary latrines and unsafe drains standing on rivers and canal banks are also responsible for further water pollution. We can prevent this pollution by creating awareness among the people. We should also take positive steps to dispose of our waste and filth.

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